Guidelines for Integrating Gender-Based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Action

Reducing risk, promoting resilience and aiding recovery

Guidance Note: Measuring GBV Risk Mitigation Interventions in Humanitarian Settings

This Guidance Note, along with the accompanying Menu of Measures, was developed to support colleagues working in other (non-GBV) sectors to integrate measurement of GBV risk mitigation into their monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes4. As of early 2022, both resources have been field-tested in one context; in the future, they will be introduced in additional geographic locations and types of emergencies. At present, the Menu of Measures is tailored to a single sector (Nutrition). This specificity was a deliberate decision to a) help ensure the content is as relevant as possible to the day-to-day work of colleagues in the sector and b) allow for more focused conversations during the field testing. The Menu may be expanded to other sectors in the future as well.

Contributor: Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, UNICEF
Sector Resources: Nutrition
Year: 2022

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