Guidelines for Integrating Gender-Based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Action

Reducing risk, promoting resilience and aiding recovery

Impact of COVID-19 on violence against women and girls and service provision

From the analysis of the information received, the pandemic has an immense impact on violence against women and girls (VAWG), including on VAWG risk factors, and especially for women and girls who face multiple forms of discrimination. Most information received did not include adequate details to allow for an analysis of the trends of decrease/increase in VAWG reported cases since the outbreak of COVID-19. Where there were adequate details, there is an increase in VAWG calls/reports especially to helplines/hotlines.

Contributor: UN Women
Region: Global
Sector Resources: GBV Specialized Programming, Health, Protection, Shelter (includes NFI)
Language: English
Year: 2020

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