Community-based public lighting for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh: lighting, sanitation and the risk of gender-based violence

Case study 1: Bangladesh, Rohingya refugee camps, Cox’s Bazaar. What type of lighting was installed, when, where and why? The congested camps of Cox’s Bazaar that accommodate hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees are notoriously difficult to navigate. Steep, narrow paths link thousands of shelters to the main thoroughfares, intersected by ditches and muddy ravines. While some public lighting has been installed in parts of the camp, the majority of residents face almost total darkness after nightfall, when getting around becomes even more treacherous.

Contributor: Loughborough University, OXFAM

Region: Africa

Sector Resources: Camp Coordination & Camp Management, Shelter (includes NFI), WASH

Language: English

Year: 2018