Reply To: West Africa: Introduce yourself! Présentez-vous! 

Dina Hanania

Hi all! My name is Dina Hanania and I am the GBV in Emergencies Knowledge Management Specialist at CARE and a member of the GBV Guidelines Implementation Support team. We are all so excited to get to know you and thank you for your time and commitment to this workshop.

I am currently based in Washington DC and my favorite thing about my job is working alongside a super team (which you will meet over the next week), while working with phenomenal people from around the world every day. I'd say my least favorite thing at the moment is having to work remotely in my small apartment due to COVID office closures- but that has definitely grown on me! I've worked in the GBV sector for close to two years now, and my primary functions are knowledge management, technical support, and coordination.

Looking forward to reading all your responses soon!

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